ReView PoLiCies

First of all, im really thankfull to all those sl designers that like my job and ask me for post them into my blog <33!! or accept my blogger requests :] 

So.. if you designer. .. are interested in that i review your items i left you some notes:

  ✩ I never hide my status if im online or offline.. so.. if you see that im offline i hope you can send me a note card or im me (IMs never gets capped.. all them go to my inbox) before you send me your stuff <33!!

  ✩ If you send me your items i hope they have incluided the landmakr of your store and if there is an important information that you need me to share, please include it.

  ✩  I have my own store too. .. So i hope you understand that i do my posts asap i can <33!! but i make them at the end <33!!

  ✩ I reserve the right to post just the items I think fits my style


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