sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

I Can't Decide ←↑↘↙↓→

holaaaa!! <3 good daays sweeties :DD yesterday was my rl b-day and i woul like ty all the best wishes from all <3!! ñ.ñ and well i have a looot of work and this wee im gonna be out with my dad :O! soo.. im gonna try make a lot of posts this days :DD .. so i left you this one and i hope you like it!! xoxox! 

*Hair & glasses: 
*Hair Band:
[MAGIC NOOK] Grizzly Baby Headband 
[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure/nolash (ltbrow/freck) 
.ID. MirrorBlue 

[LeLutka]-2011 lashes  
DeeTaleZ Skin AddOn prim Teeth 
*Necklace & earrings:
(I couldn't find it anymore t.t omg)
**Cute Bytes** Cute Nails - Kawaii Bows <33!! tysm!
Color.Me.H.O.F [LazyDaySweater[Aqua] 
Maitreya Gold * Moxie Snow 



jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

~ CoLoReTa's:] shOot yOur mOmenT → cOnTest !

Heya Guys! :D

Our love for photography is evident ^^ and we love the good work and commitment of many people!! :D we decided to create a contest based on these ideas ;)

Must take a photograph perhaps showing some artistic landscape, a beautiful view on the beach, some forest or wherever you want <3, but of course. .. wearing some of our products !

We have great awards for our first 3 places!!

1st place 3000L store Credit & 1000L in cash
2nd place 2000L store credit & 500L in cash
3rd place 1000L store credit

These are our rules:

* You must wear some ~ CoLoReTa's:] product (this does NOT include group gifts, subscriber gifts, hunt items :) )
* The photo must be artistic
    (all photography blogger style will be removed and will not be part of the contest >:o  what we mean here is plain , magazine commercial photos,)
* You are free to use ANY design program to edit your picture, any processing software , your skill is the limit :)

Starting date :                           Ending Date :
April 2nd 2012                          April 23rd 2012
So you have 3 weeks !!

Our flickr pool :
BUT name the submission photo with the following in the title : "Coloreta Contest Photo "

Any information , please contact
    Melina Fetuccio , Manager of ~ CoLoReTa's:]!

i want to thnx to Audrey & Melina for the help <3!! mwhass!!!!

lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

@ "tSg" ➜ Alena

Hello there (L) today is a really hot day here t.t since yesterday we had like 38-37°C :[ I've been really frustrated t.t but nothing stopped me to bring this post today (L) Well, almost, but not.. . ahaha dx! also i had some issues with group notices. .. so.. sorry for the time lol. ..  luvs!!  

|Skin Tones|



>TRUTH< Dee 
*Skin & Lips:
"tSg" Alena
.ID. MirrorBlue 
[ glow ] Innocent lashes - Gentle 
DeeTaleZ Skin AddOn prim Teeth 



lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Just Give Me A Breath [☂]

Mooorniing all <33!! is monday!! D: noooo !! i rlly hate mondays t.t  . ..as all u know my im really lazy :3 hahaha! and i didn't sleep good all these days u.u . .. but well .. . here i am again with my post <33!! i rlly hope you like it. .. :DD and. .. have a sweet week start! :oo! 


*Dura-Girl*34(Coffee) NEW! <33!! 
*Hair Band:
=FT - Shoelace Headband 
[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Pure/nolash (ltbrow/freck) 
-tb- Freckles (from their skins :3) 
.ID. MirrorBlue 
[ glow ] Innocent lashes - Gentle 
DeeTaleZ Skin AddOn prim Teeth 
*Mouth piece:
*Tattoo & Piercings:
~Pepper~ Asthma Necklace <33!! 
**Cute Bytes** Cute Nails - Strawberry <33!! 
-tb- Boyfriend Cardigan - Brown
{mon tissu} Jersey Dress - Beige 
Tee*fy gachagacha Cherry 
[EY:NO] Flats (apple) <33!! 

domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

~C:] Tanky Tops ~Lazy Sunday~

How your weekend? Perfect? ^^  We have better news to give, we have a new item to "Lazy Sunday" a couple of tops for these hot days >.<  with beautiful patterns and with an incredible price of 75L *-*

Visit us and bring your sunglasses

~ CoLoReTa's:] Tanky tOp ~Lazy Sunday~
I want to thnx to my enana cabrona :D <33!! Audrey loviuuu thnx for your help rlly mwhaas!



domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

❥ We Always Have A First Time☝

Gooood moorniiing sweetie pies!! :3 im so happy <33 i have mah post for all you :OO!! Soo.. is sunday heree  aand yesh im really lazy! :o im gonna sleep aaaall the entire day! :O! Oh! right. .. this is my first time wearing mesh :ooo!! yay! So i really wanted to do some post for it :3 i hate mesh -.- cus i can't be always on a mesh viewer for my pc u.u. .. but is really cute <3 hahaha weell. .. i rlly go to the bed now :o!!  aand i leave u all with my post <33!!
Happy sunday and happy shopping for all!! :33


/artilleri/ Trixie hair *candy*
[PF] Elly <Sugar> - Angelic (dkbrow/freck)
.ID. MirrorBlue 
[LeLutka]-DIVA  Lashes 
*Piercings :
.Pekka. Disturbed CYAN Ear Piercing UNISEX (mesh) NEW!!**
.Pekka. .Pekka. Mon Piercing (i edit them :o! kathya's gonna kill me :o!)
DeeTaleZ Skin AddOn prim Teeth  
"tsg" Bunny Luff Tee  (mesh)
~CoLoReTas:] SeQuiny glOves {Orange} NEW!* 
(Milk Motion) My vintage jean shorts *black* 
~ CoLoReTa's:] wOoly TighTs {Lime} 
Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks  * ColorSet 2 (yellow ones) h
UBU PornStar Lo-Tops 


viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

New & news are comiiiiiin!! ❤

Helloo there cuties!! 

I have many news for you, first of all thank you for your support <3 and well, from today we have a new store, a new system to provide better care <33 and well, I summarize some points. we have:
- Re-delivery system
- Buy items for a friend <3
- You can get store credit thanking your purchase (and you get more if you wear the group tag <3)
- Group Joiner
- Some options where you can follow us and be alert for some contests
- New construction
- New items
- And many more surprises are to come :D

Here the new items :: 

~C:] Gloves <3