martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

New & News @ ~ CoLoReTa's:]

The Keep Calm and Keep Shopping event is a two week event featuring some of the most fantastic stores in Second Life! We'll have a wide range of stores including furniture, apparel, animations, houses etc. ..
All participating stores will have one (or more) brand new, exclusive, never to be sold again item(s) placed in their stores.

The event runs from May 14th until May 28th. All participating stores will be listed on the blog along with their slurls.

For more info, rules, links to applications and all other information please check the website!



~ CoLoReTa's:] inSy tOps & RibbOny skiRts {KC&KS}

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

~ CoLoReTa's:] MeXy -tOp

Okies so.. Our store now have a new location (yes again ._.) but seems that will be the last one ?.?! and with the opening there i take the opportunity to release mah mexy -tOps tops in more colors :3 they'll be at the store just for 1 week at 99L$ then.. they'll back to normal price of my cloth ! We hope you can visit us and more than all that you like it and enjoy it! ;) <33!!  mwhas!

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

~ C:] @ Private Room & Creactivevent Room

HELLO CUTIES ! We have yummy stuffies at the NEW ROUND of Private Room !
Do not miss it !2 wonderful colorful tops ! So chic !
We have attached a NC for you with the picture & LM! This is an event you will not want to miss as it is a great discount linden saver event with lot of cute things !

Also remember you that~ CoLoReTa's:] is participating in the NEW fashion event "CREATIVE ROOM" and we are sure you will love IT and love OUR item too! Check it out !

Picture 1: Dura  Picture 2:Lamb
Picture 1: [glow]  Picture 2: Lelutka
[EY:NO] , love soul & ~pepper~
Vestigium (picture 2)
Tops: ~CoLoReTa's:]
Picture 1: ISON
Picture 2: {mon tissu}

           Cate & Meli ❤❤